Weekend getaway with your family or friendfs.

  Sodeliskiai manor offers a various facilities for everyone leisure and rejuvenation. Jump into our pool, relax in turkish steam room or unwind in our jacuzzi. For those who likes active leisure we offer our court where you can play various outdoor sports.

Pool and sauna

Baseinas. Sodeliškių dvaro sodyba

Pirtis. Sodeliškių dvaro sodyba

Turkiška pirtis. Sodeliškių dvaro sodyba

Baseinas. Sodeliškių dvaro sodyba


    Perfect place to relax!

15 meters long pool with natural chlorine treated water, vertical stream, water cascade and geyser. Moreover, three saunas - Russian, Finnish and Turkish, which also has Himalayan salt rain, light and sound therapy. Our Jacuzzi has two types of jet nozzles, there are changing rooms with showers and lockers for your valuables.


Price: 15  €/person

*for groups from 10 people otherwise 150 €.

Water aerobics

Vandens aerobika. Sodeliškių dvaro sodyba

Vandens aerobika. Sodeliškių dvaro sodyba


Water is an ideal environment for activities! 

Water exercises by all means are excellent way of preventing and treating many diseases. It is great not only for healthy people but also for those who are suffering from back pain, joints or lumbar aches.  

The peculiarity of water aerobics is that the damage done in the water during the exercise is minimal.

It's a great way to feel more vibrant and stronger!

Sessions happening every Tuesday and Thursday

From 7pm and from 8pm 
Price for singe visit 8€

Season tickets available

Pre-booking is required!

Tennis court

Lauko aikštelė

Lauko aikštelė.

Lauko aikštelė


Multifunctional court for various games.   

Available games - basketball, mini football, volleyball, tennis, badminton

Price:   7 €/ hour

         10 €/ 1 hour

         15 €/ 2 hours

Equipment available on site.

Sauna by the lake

Pirtelė prie tvenkinio

Pirtelė prie tvenkinio. Sodeliškių dvaro sodyba

Lauko pavesinė
Lauko pavesinė

Pirtelė prie tvenkinio


Sauna by the lake with large terrace next to it is a perfect place for warm evening with your friends!  

Inside the house you will find spacious living room for up to 18 people, fire place, music player.  

Price 250€