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A sauna is a pleasure for both body and soul. Even a short respite in the sauna relaxes, helps to feel a sense of cleanliness and lightness. The heat of the sauna strengthens the body: sweating is stimulated, the body cools down and detoxification takes place - unnecessary products are removed. Heat also improves blood circulation, oxygen circulation, supply of nutrients, relieves muscle pain, and improves skin condition. Besides, spending time in the sauna is fun and pleasant.

Sauna rental for a birthday

If you are looking for an idea for a birthday party, renting a farmhouse with a sauna is always a good idea. With a small group of friends, you will have fun in the sauna, relax and improve your well-being. A sauna with a gazebo is a very good option - you can have a snack, talk and have fun outside the sauna. A group of friends can enjoy all the traditional pleasures in the sauna: baths, ice water, etc. You will find everything you need for a celebration at the Sodeliškiau manor homestead: you can also rent banquet halls, we provide accommodation and catering services.

Sauna rental for the New Year

Do you want to welcome the New Year rested and refreshed? You will really like the sauna in Biržai - come to the Sodeliškės manor homestead and enjoy the traditional pleasures of the sauna. And if you need more entertainment - you will have a pleasant time in the cozy spa center, and you can also enjoy the festive program of the manor with dinner. This is an idea for a meaningful New Year's celebration and great experiences. This is a great idea for both couples and small groups of friends looking for a cozy place for a fun New Year's Eve.

Sauna rental with accommodation

Tired of the daily rush, stress and busy rhythm of life? A short getaway for two is the best solution. During the weekend in Biržai region, you can enjoy an interesting cultural program and get to know this special region. With an overnight stay in our homestead, you can also choose a visit to the spa center or relaxation with a sauna. We will also take care of a delicious full breakfast, so you won't have to worry about anything. You will purchase the entire package of services at a better price - this is a gift to yourself that you really deserve. Come to relax and have fun in a well-kept homestead with your family, significant other or friends. Unforgettable experiences, nature refuge and good time together await you here.


Rent of a sauna with a gazebo by the pond (up to 18 people) - €250;
Renting the selected sauna in the sauna complex - €35/hour.

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