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Sodeliškiai Manor for birthday parties

Celebrate both your birthday and your anniversary with fun at the Sodeliškii manor homestead - it doesn't matter how old you are! When preparing birthday celebrations, organizational issues often require a lot of time and spoil the mood for the anniversary, but in our homestead it will be easy and simple to organize a celebration. We offer ballrooms, serving, catering and other services, and our in-house professionals will help you plan the celebration.

Hall rental for birthday parties

We invite you to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with family or friends in a small or large ballroom. These halls can accommodate up to 30 or up to 120 guests, respectively. Halls furnished in a classic style are cozy, perfectly lit both during the day and in the evening, giving a cozy feeling of space. Both halls have direct access to the outdoor terrace and courtyard. The large hall is adapted for performances by artists, the hall has a room for their preparation, as well as a bar. And while celebrating in the small hall, you can use the billiards room nearby - it's fun entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

Dome rental for birthday parties

Looking for a small but exclusive space? During the warm season, we invite you to choose a dome that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature. The layout of the dome can be changed depending on the request: leave only tables or soft seats. The dome space can be opened, and curtains protect against sunlight. This unique glass dome can accommodate up to 15 guests.

Not far from the dome, there are enclosures for animals raised in the Sodeliškiau manor homestead. You can see alpacas, deer, fallow deer and mouflons, a fun attraction for both young and old. The homestead welcomes you with a well-kept environment and a picturesque refuge of nature, so here you will not only celebrate your birthday in a cozy way, but you will also find many places for beautiful photos.

Want an interesting cultural program?Invite your birthday guests to spend a meaningful time discovering the treasures of the Biržai region. After staying at the homestead, it is convenient to visit Biržai Castle, the shore of Lake Širvėna, the longest pedestrian bridge across the lake, Kirkilai lakes, the observation tower and sinkholes. This is a great idea for a memorable birthday celebration program, and in the evening, guests full of excitement will be greeted with delicious food and relaxation at the homestead. For those who don't want to go far, we offer the educational program "Grain Road", during which homemade bread is baked and live Birzi beer is tasted. In an authentic 20th century In the Aukštaitija homestead, you can get into the life of the people of that time - it's a fun and interesting experience.

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