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Are you looking for a place for conferences, trainings, seminars, group sessions or various presentations? For your convenience, we have equipped a bright, comfortable, ventilated conference hall in the Sodeliškių manor homestead, which is perfect for both a small gathering of colleagues and a conference for up to 50 participants. For various presentations, we also rent the large ballroom, which can accommodate up to 150 participants.

Equipment is provided free of charge in the conference rooms

The halls in the homestead are equipped with air conditioners, natural daylight enters through the windows. The conference hall is located on the second floor, so for the convenience of you and your guests, the homestead has an elevator. The large ballroom is located on the first floor.

We can prepare the conference hall according to your individual needs - prepare seats, tables or free up the space altogether. In the conference hall you will find all the necessary equipment: 

  • video projector;

  • remote slide control panel;

  • audio equipment;

  • blackboard - pad for writing;

  • microphone;

  • wireless internet (WiFi);

  • conference tables and chairs.

5 reasons why you should choose Sodeliškiai conference hall:

5in1 - Hotel - Conference hall - Meals - Entertainment - Educational excursions;

personal manager of your event;

convenient parking;

business lunches can also be ordered during coffee breaks;

the hall rental price includes all necessary equipment rental;

50% discount on the conference hall rental fee when ordering additional services.

Conference hall rental price

Conference hall(on the second floor), accommodating up to 50 participants - 20€/hour.

Grand Ballroom(on the first floor), accommodating up to 150 participants - 40€/hour.


*Equipment rental is included in the price.

**When ordering other services,   such as: accommodation, meals, excursions, a 50% discount is applied to the conference hall rental fee.


Price of coffee breaks per person:

  • €5 (biscuits, cake or fruit (optional));

  • €7 (biscuits, one-bite sandwiches with venison, cheese or ham).


Business lunch price per person€15 (soup, hot dish, drink).


The professional staff of the Sodeliškiai manor homestead will help you organize any event smoothly and will serve your guests both during coffee breaks and business lunches!

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