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Sodeliškiai Manor for weddings

A wedding is a special celebration when you want everything to be perfect. A farmhouse is a great choice for a wedding, as the natural haven provides a romantic atmosphere and is perfect for charming photos. The photo session can also be organized in the technical museum, we suggest using an antique car as a prop.
We suggest that you choose the Sodeliškės manor homestead for the celebration, where you will find coziness and harmony, and you will be able to purchase all the necessary services from one source - this will facilitate the organization of the celebration.

Our country house is modernly equipped and welcomes you with an aesthetic interior. We offer two ballrooms for rent, which can accommodate from 30 to 120 guests. The halls have a classic interior, so it is easy to match various decor elements. Bright and spacious halls are perfect for meaningful time with dear people, the big hall is adapted for performances of artists, has auxiliary facilities. Both halls have convenient exits to the outside, guests can use the billiard room and spa services. We also offer accommodation and catering services.
The Sodeliškiau manor homestead is located in a picturesque area, surrounded by nature. During the warm season, the ceremony can be held under the open sky or on the outdoor stage. After staying at the homestead, it is convenient to discover all the treasures of the Biržai region, so you can prepare a rich educational program for your guests, full of great experiences.

Homestead rental price for your wedding

Budget is one of the most important issues when planning a wedding. We understand this and help you plan the celebration optimally. Depending on the number of guests, you can choose which hall rental best suits your personal needs:

  • Rent of the small hall (up to 30 guests) for one evening until midnight. – 500 euros, and for a two-day holiday - 800 euros;

  • Great hall for rent (up to 120 guests) for one evening until midnight. – 1500 euros, and for a two-day holiday - 1800 euros.

You will definitely like our ballrooms - the aesthetic arrangement and sense of space ensure coziness, and the comfort of the guests is guaranteed by the ergonomic planning. However, by choosing our halls, you will get much more: a professional specialist will help you take care of all matters of organizing the celebration, and we also provide serving, catering, and accommodation services. When ordering the entire service package, the price is also negotiated.

More about rental package prices -> 

Hesitating? Come and explore the Biržai region and stay at our homestead - this is a great opportunity not only to get to know our homestead and its surroundings, but also to get to know the rich history of the region's heritage.

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